Short and Oh-So-Sweet

Yesterday I ate two bananas. Which is just bananas. Crazy good bananas. Bananas have been banano-nos for quite a while now. Gloria hates them, for an undisclosed, and quite probably irrational, reason. But I needed to eat (!) and that’s all there was. And instead of listening to her, pushing through the hunger and ruining my day, I ate. Wrapped in a red rug (go Red House!) chatting to a friend at the kids’ cross-country, surrounded by people. And IT WAS GOOD. The even better thing was silencing her attempts at guilting me in to restricting later on in the day. I reasoned with myself that I needed to eat, I needed the energy to be able to accomplish all I had on my list. And so I did. And guess what. I did not go berserk and eat the whole world, as Gloria has so often told me I would. I ate what I needed to. No. Big. Deal.

And today, I am PROUD of myself.

It totally helps that I’ve had two nights running of decent sleep. Which is just another thing to celebrate. Like the chill in the air of autumn. The laughter and fun of our family dinner table. My health and strength.

I am running towards the day when:

Gloria is not me.


7 thoughts on “Short and Oh-So-Sweet

  1. Oh yeah…keep running Beautiful Hannah!! Pushing through and jumping over the hurdles as you run….running to the prize at the end when you can say with certainty that Gloria is definitely not you!!!
    And I am cheering you on my strong brave girl!! Love you heaps Hannah xx


  2. I also used to have irrational opinions towards bananas but now I appreciate them for being a handy nutritious snack- I fell kind of bad for all the hate I used to direct towards them! You’re not alone in this, keep running, one foot in front of the other!


  3. All this is so familiar. Thank you so much for sharing so bravely and openly. I need to be challenging my ‘Gloria’ similarly.


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