Deuce. Advantage: Gloria

This pretty much sums up what recovery has been like the last few weeks. I keep going back to deuce. I’ll go well for a couple of days and get the advantage but make some dumb choices about food and exercise and end back at deuce or with Gloria in advantage. And so it goes. Seems like we’re pretty evenly matched at this game.

On a positive note, I made the decision to continue with my studies and enrolled for the year at uni. I will only do three units each session, I think I’ll be okay with that. The first unit is the English I failed last year. At least I already have the textbook. I have to say it feels really weird to be looking ahead. Good weird, I think. Scary weird, too. (That was definitely an advantage: Hannah day).

I started missing snacks and skimping on meals when Gloria won the advantage after too many comments on how well I am looking (I think it was three). Still really struggling with the weight gain. REALLY struggling.

Today I am especially grateful for three things: the sun is out again, we have no cheddar in the house, and I have people in my life who love me when I can’t love myself, including my Heavenly Father. And they all know that:

Gloria is not me.


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