Gold Stars

I, Hannah, have had some wins today. And I’m giving myself gold stars. Literally.

Today I chose to pack a snack because I knew I wouldn’t be home in time. And I knew Tony would not be with me to tell me to eat. And I actually ate it. Not only did I eat it, I ate it in the company of a friend I don’t see often (enough), in the midst of a crowd of strangers in a café. I was in the middle of the café – not hidden in a booth. EATING.

Gold star!

I, Hannah, made the choice to eat an afternoon snack, too. An apple. Like an apple. That is, I did not cut it up into bite sized pieces first. I ate straight from the fruit like a normal, grown up human being.

Gold star!

Some people do like to go on about how we should rely on intrinsic motivation to get people to behave the way they should. Unfortunately, the reward centre of my brain is malfunctioning and my intrinsic motivation is to starve myself to death. So I think a little extrinsic gold star motivation could be just what I need.

I need some suggestions as to what reward I could encourage myself with when I trade in my amassed gold star haul. That’s the reward system at my kids’ school – good work/deeds get a spot, 10 spots earn a pink award, 3 pinks get a green etc til you can by the end of primary school have possibly (by licking an awful lot of boots) earned enough spots for a gold medallion.

So, what should my 50 star upgrade be?

Gloria is quietly fuming about this, but, hey, Gloria is NOT me.


3 thoughts on “Gold Stars

  1. Well done, so proud of you!!! Have a think of those things that bring you pleasure or that you put off because they are a bit extravagant. Your aim is to indulge just a bit!
    Love you, keep up the great work.


  2. Yay, Hannah! Well done. Keep shouting at Gloria to leave you alone and tell her she’s making you sick. Keep asking Jesus to talk positive words to you. Don’t listen to Gloria – she lies!
    What is your very favourite thing that you hardly ever get to do? Trade your gold stars in for that.
    Proud of your achievements. Love you. Keep it up


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